Versa-Brix-M: Multi-Use Formliners for Parking Garage

When the 35-year-old Mosteller Garage reached capacity, the West Chester Borough Council decided it was time for a replacement. A new parking garage would not only accommodate more parking spaces but it would be more visually appealing and offer improved safety and convenience.

Mosteller Garage


The Harmon Group, a structural engineering group out of Philadelphia, was selected to design the Chestnut Street Parking Garage to replace the Mosteller Garage. The new 75-foot parking structure, now the largest parking facility in downtown West Chester, nearly doubled its capacity, increasing the number of parking spaces from 414 to 689 and even including 16 bicycle lockers.


Working with precaster U.S. Concrete Precast Group in Middleburg, PA, The Harmon Group designed a brick exterior to blend in with the borough’s historic downtown. U.S. Concrete Precast Group utilized the Versa-Brix® M custom formliner from Architectural Polymers to create the brick façade.

Mosteller Garage

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