Versa-Brix 3D- The Critical Component for Architectural Success

The Study at University City is an award-winning, 150,000 square foot, 10-story luxury hotel at the intersection of Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania in the heart of Philadelphia. The precast building, designed by DIGSAU, features a three-dimensional flemish brick bond pattern created with Versa-Brix® 3D custom formliners from Architectural Polymers. "The ability to generate a unique, three-dimensional brick bond allowed the precast wall assembly to take on a crafted, hand-made quality that greatly contributes to the building's presence and character," says Jeff Goldstein, principal at DIGSAU.

The goal for the design was to create a "sophisticated urban hotel that calls attention to itself with a strong connection to the street" said Paul McGowan of Hospitality 3, the owner of the Study Hotels. The combined effect of the three-dimensional brick pattern and the metallic accents of the ironspot thin brick create an animated façade as lighting and perspective changes.

Versa-Brix 3D

At the onset of the project, DIGSAU was challenged by a tight jobsite in a busy urban environment and significant time constraints. Precast concrete with thin brick emerged to provide a cost-effective, time-efficient and lightweight solution to accommodate the unique structural design. The precaster, Universal Concrete, used six custom oversized formliners to create the 500+ precast concrete panels for the structure.

The Study received a 2018 PCI Design Award for the Best Hotel/Motel Building as well as the prestigious Architectural Excellence Design Honor Award in the built category.

Versa-Brix® 3D is a patented multi-use system designed by Architectural Polymers to transform the typical 2-dimensional design of brick into a three-dimensional work of art for building façades, accents, art and antique effects. US Patent #7,871,054

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