The Flance Center

The Flance Early Childhood Education Center, named for I. Jerome Flance and his wife Rosemary, is an innovative community facility focused on pre-k education and healthcare in the Murphy Park neighborhood in North St. Louis City. The architect, Trivers Associates, designed the 23,000 square foot building to compliment the rich architectural brick facades of the city. Employing tilt up construction with embedded thin brick, the concrete contractor, Fenix Construction, selected Versa-Brix S formliners and Endicott thin brick from Architectural Polymers.

The Flance Center

The deep iridescent tones of the dark ironspot catch the light to create a shimmer and shine effect with different tones in every light. The glazing also reflects color and adds to the depth of the refined finishes of the building.

The Flance Center

Smooth flute liners were created below the windows with HIPS Single-Use Plastic Formliners for a "tight louver" look while smooth areas in the panels provide some accent and contrast to the beautiful brick.

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