SouthSide Early Childhood Development Center

SouthSide Early Childhood CenterOriginally founded in 1886, the SouthSide Early Childhood Center was in desperate need of a larger facility and a more contemporary structure. The architect, Oculus Inc., created a design that would not only complement the South St. Louis neighborhood but would also provide a quick build process. Tilt-up construction with embedded thin brick and a cast-in stone texture was completed by Fenix Construction. Wall panels as large as 106,000 lbs each were created with the Versa-Brix® S thin brick inlay system featuring Endicott Thin Brick and Single Use HIPS Plastic Formliners from Architectural Polymers.

SouthSide Early Childhood Center

The building facade features a colorful awning at the entrance with Red Blend Velour, Bordeaux Blend Velour and Sienna Ironspot Smooth brick which are broken horizontally by several bands of soldier course and a stone base wainscot. The vertical lines of the building feature the 12x24 Split Limestone Running Bond base below alternating bands of the three colors of brick.

SouthSide Early Childhood CenterSouthSide Early Childhood Center

The entire building was erected in just 10 days and in time for beginning of the 2014 school year. They can now provide for more low-income children with a safe, nurturing and educational environment while parents are at work. The staff at SouthSide offers exceptional early education and childcare that prepares children for success in elementary school and beyond.

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