Precast Concrete Bridges

Natural wood and stone products can break any budget when you consider the initial cost of raw materials and ongoing costs of periodic maintenance.

Architectural formliners offer an environmentally-friendly alternative that creates the look of traditional wood, stone or brick without the cost. The Architectural Polymers catalog includes over 75 standard textures in stone, fractured, wood, rhythmic, flat and masonry patterns.

When Architectural Stain is applied, these standard textures transform to achieve the look of natural wood and stone.

Walnut Drive Bridge

Walnut Drive - Northampton County, PA
Contractor: Grace Industries
Products Used: Con-Span & 911A


State Street Bridge

State Street - Mertztown, PA
Contractor: Road-Con
Products Used: Con-Span & Architectural Stain


Goose Creek Bridge

Goose Creek - Chester County, PA
Contractor: Faddis Concrete
Products Used: Con-Span & 904 & Architectural Stain


Cocalico Creek Bridge

Cocalico Creek - Ephrata, PA
Contractor: Mar-Allen Concrete
Products Used: Con-Span & 909 & Architectural Stain

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