Nancy Hill Elementary School

Roben Westerwald Variegated Thin BrickThe Nancy Hill Elementary School in Aurora was one of the oldest operating buildings in the state of Illinois. The design of a new school came with all of the standard challenges, along with a strong desire to maintain the historical character of the original structure. Studio GC Architecture was selected to provide a contemporary student learning environment incorporating state-of-the-art technology and modern materials with a classic design. The precaster, Lombard Architectural Precast Products Company, and general contractor, Henry Brothers Company, worked closely to create the exterior structure featuring Roben Westerwald Variegated Thin Brick for the single story sections and precast concrete for the multi-story sections.

Nancy Hill Elementary School

The construction plan allowed the original structure to remain in tact and fully operational for the duration of the school year while the new building was in progress. Once the new building was complete, the original building was demolished for parking.

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