Logan Airport's Precast Car Rental Center

Logan Airport Precast Car Rental Center

In 2013, the Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort) unveiled the Consolidated Rental Agency Complex (ConRAC) at Boston’s Logan Airport. The $300 million project included a new four level, 1.2 million square foot precast parking garage and 112,000 square foot customer service building.

The ConRAC project (later named the Rental Car Center, or RCC, project) consolidated all of the airport’s car rental agencies and their vehicles into one convenient location.  The facility also provided areas for car rental maintenance including fueling, car washing and cleaning.


The project was completed by Boston-based Suffolk Construction. The precaster, Blakeslee Precast, utilized the Versa Brix®-S thin brick formliner from Architectural Polymers.

Logan Airport Precast Car Rental Center Panel




This was one of the first terra cotta tile systems to be integrally cast into a panel system using the Versa Brix®-S system. The Versa Brix®-S was selected because Architectural Polymers offers custom pocket sizes to ensure an excellent fit of tile in the pocket. This feature not only improved the aesthetic appeal, but also decreased the labor costs by significantly reducing leakage and minimizing clean-up costs.

Logan Airport Precast Car Rental Center

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