Award-Winning Design for Dollar General

Dollar General Award-Winning DesignThe 51st annual PCI Design Awards recognized the Dollar General Warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama for design excellence and construction quality using precast concrete. The judges selected this project because the architect went beyond the traditional big box structure to incorporate a textured façade that represents Dollar General’s 600 employees at this location.

Dollar General wanted employees to feel valued and connected with the Dollar General brand, but it had to be accomplished within a tight budget. With a limited color palette, the architect took advantage of precast to add the embossed patterning and achieve a next level design. “Precast concrete panels are high performance, cost-effective and allow for fast erection times” says Bill Baxley of Leo Daly Architects.

Leo Daly Architects teamed up with the precaster, Metromont Corporation, and custom engineered formliner, Architectural Polymers, to design and produce the custom concrete formliner for the enlarged tire tread pattern.

Dollar General Award-Winning DesignDollar General Award-Winning Design























When Dollar General received $2.2 million funding to build its 12th warehouse in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania, they decided to once again utilize the award-winning design. The new 900,000 square foot distribution center at Berks Park 78 features the enlarged tire tread pattern designed by Architectural Polymers and manufactured by precaster, Fabcon.

Dollar General Award-Winning Design

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