AdaptImmune Therapeutics

AdaptImmune TherapeuticsThe new 47,400 square foot corporate headquarters for Adaptimmune Therapeutics is one of the latest additions to the Philadelphia Navy Yard. As the thirteenth LEED facility in the Navy Yard, the building was designed by DIGSAU to achieve LEED Gold certification under the Core & Shell rating system. The precast exterior was created by Universal Concrete with high re-use elastomeric formliners from Architectural Polymers.

The custom formliner was specifically designed for the architect featuring 407 Broom Finish on varying planes and simulated Coral Ashlar derived from 907 Coral Ashlar Stone stamped on 6" planes. The texture offers a unique faςade for the building; promoting innovation while complementing the surrounding Navy Yard.

AdaptImmune Therapeutics

The Navy Yard is a 1,200 acre business campus focused on historic preservation and urban development. Over 152 companies occupy 7.5 million square feet of real estate combining historic buildings and modern LEED certified construction.

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