2-Dimensional Form Liner Graphics


Real American Strength

In 2007, the Ohio Department of Transportation began work to reconstruct and improve a section of I-75 in Lima, Ohio (Allen County). Phase I of the I-75 development project had included a retaining wall commemorating the 100th anniversary celebration of the Wright Brothers Commercial plane in Dayton, Ohio and Lima’s Mayor, David Berger, saw an opportunity. Mayor Berger organized multiple forums to gather ideas for incorporating the Allen County community brand into the design of interchanges and sound barriers along I-75 and ultimately appointed the Allen County Chamber of Commerce to lead the initiative.


North Star Destination Strategies was selected as the vendor of choice to define and develop the Allen County brand. Results included a Lima – Allen County logo (see below) and the tagline “Real American Strength”. The brand platform defined Lima-Allen County as a community “for industrious people who embrace Midwestern values and a strong work ethic.”

2 Dimensional Form Liner Graphics

The final results of the project are a visual representation of the Lima-Allen County community for passing traffic on I-75 and increased community pride. The Lima-Allen County logo was incorporated into the 80,000 square foot sound barrier wall with the assistance of Architectural Polymers. The stone behind the gear icon is AP 892 12” Quarry Stone.

2 Dimensional Form Liner Graphics2 Dimensional Form Liner Graphics















The sound barrier walls were produced by precaster Mack Industries of Brunswick, Ohio.

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